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The 10 Hottest Cities in America

hottest cities in america
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According to the Washington Post, 2015 was the hottest summer on record in the USA. While the heat may have been welcoming to the citizens of traditionally colder cities, these 10 cities were already used to the scorching temperatures of 100 degree+ weather.


Take a look at this list of the 10 hottest major cities in America, ordered by daily mean temperature.


  1. Miami, Florida

Miami has a daily mean temperature of 77 degrees fahrenheit, and it certainly feels like more than that sometimes with the humidity. It’s no wonder Miami natives spend so much time at their world famous beaches, and have somewhat of a permanent tan.

Daily Mean Temperature: 77 Degrees


  1. Phoenix, Arizona

While this list is ranked by mean daily temperature, Phoenix would be considered by many to be the hottest major city in America given other factors. Most notably, Phoenix averages 107 days per year over 99 degrees fahrenheit. Miami rarely sees days this hot. There’s a reason their pro-basketball team is called the Suns.

Daily Mean Temperature: 75 Degrees


  1. Tampa, Florida

One of four major cities in Florida on the list, Tampa bay has a consistently high temperature much similar to Miami.

Daily Mean Temperature: 73 Degrees


  1. Orlando, Florida

There’s a reason your parents packed so much sunblock on your first trip to Disney World – it’s hot, year round.

Daily Mean Temperature: 73 Degrees


  1. Houston, Texas

Houston is the first of three Lone Star State cities on our list of America’s hottest cities, and while they do not experience a quarter as many 100 degree days as Dallas or Austin – the average daily temperature is still warmer.

Daily Mean Temperature: 70 Degrees


  1. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans saw a serious heat wave this summer, with days where the heat index nearly reached 124 degrees! No thank you.

Daily Mean Temperature: 70 Degrees


  1. San Antonio, Texas

The second city from Texas on the list, San Antonio similarly experienced quite the heat wave this summer. Temperatures were upwards of 110 degrees on the heat index, forcing many to stay inside where the sun couldn’t reach.

Daily Mean Temperature: 70 Degrees


  1. Austin, Texas

Austin is hot. Averaging 16 days per year at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, summers can be very intense. The city is just 1 degree cooler on average than San Antonio and Houston. Summary: Texas is hot.

Daily Mean Temperature: 69 Degrees


  1. Las Vegas, Nevada

The only city from Nevada on our list, Las Vegas has that intense dry heat that you’ve heard so much about. Much better to visit the city in the shoulder seasons, unless you want to be running from hotel to hotel as fast as possible.

Daily Mean Temperature: 69 Degrees


  1. Jacksonville, Florida

Rounding out our list is Jacksonville, the fourth major city from Florida on our list. Unlike other cities mentioned above, Jacksonville rarely sees temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Similar to most cities in Florida though, it’s temperature is consistent.
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