The 5 Most Cursed Sports Cities in America

most cursed sports city
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If you’re a sports fan living in one of these five cities, I’m sure you’re expecting your team to be on this list of the most cursed sports cities in America. Interestingly enough many of the cities have a fantastic sports tradition, their teams just can’t seem to pull it together when the championship is on the line (in pretty much any of the major sports).

With that being said, here’s a look at the 5 most cursed sports cities in America. If you love rooting for the underdog, these are the teams to be cheering for.

5. Washington

Major sports teams in Washington include the Capitols, Wizards, Nationals and of course, the Redskins. The city has had one of the worst championship droughts anywhere. It’s been 79 total seasons since their last title, and they can’t even seem to buy much more than a playoff berth when it comes to the NFL. Thier best odds to win a championship in the not so distant future are with the Capitals.

4. San Diego

Since 1965, San Diego is batting an imperfect .000 when it comes to championships. This is a city that talent shouldn’t shy away from despite one of the worst championship droughts of any major sports city. Just the weather should be enough to draw talent, but that’s not what’s happened in San Diego. The Padres, Chargers, and a few come-and-go NHL/NBA teams have altogether gone 112 seasons with no titles. Worse than that, it now looks like the Chargers might be packing things up and moving soon. Making San Diego’s best shot at winning a title their only shot: the Padres. Yikes.

3. Buffalo

Rarely has a team ever been better known for a losing play than the infamous, ‘Wide Right’ in the 1991 Super Bowl. Needless to say, the Bills and Sabres have had some close calls over the years. That includes back-to-back-to-back-to-back losses in the Super Bowl. Buffalo’s last championship came in the form of the 1965 AFL title, won by the Bills. Not sure which team is the cities best bet to end one of the worst championship droughts in American sports – your guess is as good as mine.

2. Atlanta

The Falcons and Hawks have been around since 1965 and 1946 respectively and have combined for a total of zero championships. Since the 1996 Olympic Games, no Atlanta team has won any titles, even with the Braves making the playoffs for 14 consecutive seasons. Not even one of the great bullpens in MLB history could get the job done post ’95. And let’s not even mention the Thrashers stint. Atlanta’s best shot at winning a title probably lies in the hands of the Hawks, who look as though they’ll be making the playoffs come April.

1. Cleveland

You guessed it. Cleveland has gone an astonishing 147 seasons since their last title, and no one in the city needs to be reminded of one of the worst championship droughts in the history of organized sports. Much discussion of the curse in Cleveland is centered around the Browns, who have not won a championship since 1964 and have gone through serious upheavals at Coach and Quarterback in particular. Draft busts, tough losses, you name it – the Browns have lived it.

Then you have the Indians, who currently are suffering from the Curse of both Rocky Colavito and Chief Wahoo. They’ve lost several times in the World Series, including a heartbreaking loss in 1997, where they led game 7 into the bottom of the 9th inning – only to have Jose Mesa blow the save.

Finally, the Cavaliers. Despite playing in the NBA since 1970, the team didn’t manage to make an NBA Finals appearance until 2007. After a tumultuous decade with and without LeBron, the Cavs have put together a winning roster that looks like it may just break the curse – if they can convince Steph Curry to take a year off. The Cavs are definitely the cities best shot at a title – even if you hate LeBron, it’s hard not to want to see Cleveland bring home a championship and end their tenure as one of the most cursed sports cities in history.


There you have it. These are the most cursed sports cities in the USA. Be sure to check out our list of the 10 Best Sports Cities in America – the success of the teams was just one of the four categories we used in our rankings.



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