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Can You Guess The Most Unique Job in These 5 States?

most unique job in every state
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Think you know where Americans are getting unique jobs? This is sure to put you to the test. We broke down the most unique job in every state, and think that you MIGHT have a chance of guessing these five states correctly. If not, don’t beat yourself up – this is a tough quiz.

Note: we define unique as the likelihood of employment in that job against the national average, and the data for this article was derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Good luck!

Without further ado, here are the 5 states in question.

1. Nevada

2. Washington

3. New York

4. Florida

5. California

Take a moment, think of your answers – and when you’re ready, scroll down.

Shutterstock / Sudiostoks

Shutterstock / Sudiostoks

1. Nevada – Gaming Supervisor

In Nevada, your likelihood of being a Gaming Supervisor is 32x the national average. With legalized gambling and so many massive casinos, it makes sense that Gaming Supervisors are needed to run them.

2. Washington – Aircraft Assembler

Airplanes are the top export in Washington, and with Boeing headquartered out of the state that’s not likely to change anytime soon. If you’re an Aircraft Assembler, there’s probably a job for you in Washington.

3. New York – Fashion Designer

Shutterstock / illustrart

Shutterstock / illustrart

New York is a stylish place, and if you’re going to keep up with the trends you’ll need to get some designer clothing. New York City is a fashion capital of the world, with both professional and up and coming designers aplenty.

4. Florida – Professional Athlete

Sure, LeBron left, but there are still plenty of professional athletes in Florida. Golfers, tennis players, swimmers, mixed martial arts fighters – you name the sport, Florida has the professional athlete. Not a lot of snowboarders, actually.

5. California – Farmworkers

Shutterstock / veeterzy

Shutterstock / veeterzy

California’s fields literally feed the country, and those fields need farmers. Name a fruit or vegetable and it’s probably being grown in California right now, the state is full of hardworking farmworkers.

Want to see the full list for all 50 states, or just find out what the most unique job is in your state? We put together a nice infographic that you can check out.

How did you do? Let us know in the comments section below!



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