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10 Coffee Shops in Seattle You’ll Fall in Love With

best coffeeshops in seattle
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The very first Starbucks location opened in 1971 at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Ever since, the city has been known as being one of the biggest coffee meccas in the world. Starbucks is only one of the many cafés that the city has to offer, there are numerous great places to check out the next time you need a caffeine fix. Here are ten of the best coffee shops in Seattle.

10. Victrola Coffee Roasters

Located in Capitol Hill, Victrola Coffee Roasters opened their doors in 2000 and began roasting their own coffee in 2003. Locals now favor the place, claiming that the coffee house serves up the best latté in the city. Victrola also has a second location in Beacon Hill.

9. Milstead & Co.

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Under the bridge in Fremont, you’ll find Milstead & Co. From an industrial and modern décor inside, to an eclectic outside space with a roof, you’ll want to sit down to enjoy your coffee instead of taking it to go. And not just coffee; the café’s large menu includes dark chocolate mochas, almond milk cappuccinos, and gluten-free biscuits.   

8. Motofish Coffee

Motofish Coffee has a Downtown location as well as a food truck. They get their beans from the popular Olympia Coffee Roasters, so you won’t be disappointed. Even if Motofish Coffee may be a bit difficult to track down, it’s worth it for the superb service and killer breakfast sandwiches.

7. Slate Coffee Bar

Slate Coffee Bar is different from other places in the city. While you can take your cup of joe to go like any other coffee shop, this café also offers a full service experience, presenting unique menu items like a deconstructed latté, served in three separate wine glasses.

6. Tougo Coffee Co.

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The customer service at Tougo Coffee Co. is unparalleled. With friendly owners and baristas, you’ll feel right at home. The cozy wood décor and children’s play area helps with that homey and comfortable atmosphere. Don’t miss out on their pour-over coffee and chocolate donuts.

5. Seattle Coffee Works

A local favorite for many reasons, Seattle Coffee Works is serving up your everyday staples alongside new trends like cold brew and aeropress. Located right next to Pike Place Market, it’s easy to find. But you’ll find it hard to leave without a bag or two of their beans.

4. QED Coffee

QED Coffee may be a math-inspired café, but it’s far from being nerdy. This cool spot brews great coffee. They also offer organic tea, Italian sodas, and hot chocolate. Make sure to hit up QED early if you’re in the mood for a fresh pastry, as they tend to sell out quickly.

3. Broadcast Coffee Roasters

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With three locations in Capitol Hill, Central District, and Roosevelt, Broadcast Coffee Roasters is an independent coffee roaster that is taking over the city of Seattle. In the fall they even purée pumpkins themselves for their pumpkin spiced lattés. No wonder it’s a go-to spot for most locals.

2. Tin Umbrella Coffee

Tin Umbrella Coffee’s down-to-earth atmosphere and friendly staff make for a great place to relax and enjoy your caffeine fix. They roast their own coffee, there are delicious food options (including breakfast tacos!), and the bright yet cozy décor will make you want to hangout here all day.

1. Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace will satisfy even the most pretentious of caffeine snobs. This Seattle institution has been open since 1988 and they’ve been treating coffee like a work of art ever since. With two locations in Capitol Hill and another in South Lake Union, Espresso Vivace takes latté art to another level and will soon become your new favorite spot.



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