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7 Unreal Places to Grab a Taco in San Diego

best tacos san diego
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Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or you’re just hungry on a Thursday afternoon, these seven places are the best places to grab tacos in San Diego. Honestly, if you have the chance, try and hit all of our picks for the best taco shops in San Diego. The Instagram photos below will make it hard to resist.

7. Bull Taco

Located about 20 minutes up the coast from San Diego, Bull Taco states that their food is, “inauthentic Mexican.” That being said, I challenge you to try the Shrimp, Bacon & Chorizo Taco and not be running back for seconds.

6. Cantina MayaHuel

The interior at this place is insane. And by insane, I mean awesome. Head to Cantina on Mondays for a happy hour that lasts all night. Did I mention they have some of the best tacos in San Diego?

5. Puesto

WOW, my tummy is thanking me for this meal, SO GOOD. Now off to roast s’mores at the beach 😍

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Located in La Jolla, Puesto is one of the best taco shops in San Diego. It just had it’s 4th-anniversary celebration. We can only guess that many tacos were served to celebrate. If you’re looking for a suggestion, grab the Main Lobster Taco, it’s muy bueno.

4. Las Cuatro Milpas

So happy right now. #tacos #barriologan

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The picnic tables and homemade tortillas have been winning over SD locals at Las Cuatro Milpas for years. If you go, get the chorizon con juevos, you won’t forget it.

3. Tacos El Gordo

When in San Diego…#TacosElGordo

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Taco El Gordos has been a top dog for tacos in San Diego for some time. Their success has led them to opening several locations. They’re family owned and operated, opening in San Diego in 1998 and never looking back. If you’re looking for a suggestion, you don’t need one – literally anything off of their menu is worth a go.

2. Taco Surf PB

At Taco Surf PB you’re getting more than what you pay for. Their servings are more than fair in size and their service is nothing short of outstanding. Check out the mahi grilled tacos when you head for a visit.

1. Lucha Libre Taco Shop

Champs ring ! Make your reservation today !

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Luche Libre tops our list for the best taco shops in San Diego. If you head there, be prepared to go a couple rounds with a luchador wrestler. Well not really, but be ready to get a photo in the ring. If you’re looking for a recommendation, go with the Surf & Turf Taco; it’s full of steak, shrimp and avocado. Can’t go wrong there.



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