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The 5 Most Expensive Cities in America

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Think things are expensive in your neck of the woods? You may find that you’ve got it good after reading this list of the 5 most expensive cities in America. We’ve compiled the list by going through the cost of living in each city, with help from Expatistan. Housing, food, clothing, transportation, health and entertainment are all taken into account when assembling this list of the most expensive cities to live in the US – take a look and see if you can guess number one!


5. Boston, Massachusetts

Food and entertainment in particular are expensive in Boston, which is home to the 3rd most expensive restaurants and gyms in North America. That being said, many see Boston as worth the cost, as it’s home to some of the best sports teams, restaurants, and people in the USA.

4. San Jose, California

A tech hub, San Jose has a lot going for it. The city is close to plenty of amazing outdoor activities, beaches, and neighboring cities with lots to do. Housing prices have sky-rocketed over the past decade, as more and more companies open their doors in the city. Look for San Jose to move up on this list in the coming years.

3. Washington DC

Washington DC took the #1 spot in the world for cost of transport from Expatistan, with health services and entertainment also coming in high on the list. Raising a family is also quite expensive. While some families can get by with $50,000 per year, district families with two children need more than double that ($106, 493) according to dcist.

2. San Francisco, California

We’re sure many of you guessed San Francisco would be number one on this list – and you were close! Another major technology center (not far from San Jose), San Francisco boasts high housing prices, high food prices, and high transportation costs. Still, many see these costs as worth the investment – there’s no doubt that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful major cities in the world, even if it’s one of the most expensive cities in America.

1. New York, New York

New York features the most expensive theaters in the world, the 2nd most expensive studio apartments in the world, the 4th most expensive furnished apartments in the world – even the most expensive fast food in America. That being said, all these extra costs come with one major benefit – you get to live in the center of the world – New York City.




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