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5 Awesome States to Live in If You Love the Outdoors

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Ahh, the great outdoors. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of city life, but we all could use a getaway every now and then. Living in a state where outdoor activities are close by is a major benefit and can make for a healthier lifestyle overall. Take a look at these 5 states if you’re considering moving, they’ll get your body moving as well.


1. California

A huge state, up and down California has outdoor activities for absolutely everyone. If you’re in SoCal, you’ll love the surfing and non-stop sunshine. If you’re in the north, you’ll love the hiking, trails, and biking. If there’s an outdoor sport that isn’t been done in California, we’d be very surprised. The whole state has a healthy vibe to it.

2. Utah

There’s a reason Salt Lake City was chosen to host the 2006 Winter Olympics – it’s a fantastic place for winter activities. What you may not have heard, however, is that Utah is equally as beautiful in the summertime. Zion National Park has some of the best hiking in the nation, with the hike to Angel’s Landing being particularly stunning.

3. Minnesota

Winter enthusiasts will love the ski and snowmobile trails in Minnesota, but the summertime is equally as exciting. There are lakes at every turn, meaning you’ll have lots of spots to go boating or just relax by the lake. Lake fishing might be better in Minnesota than anywhere else in the USA, so if you love to cast a line, you may have found your new home.

4. North Carolina

North Carolina is an amazing place to live. It features plenty of lakes and beaches and some of the best camping on this list. There’s also plenty of kayaking and canoeing, and fishing and hunting. For amazing mountain views, you can hike to the top of Mount Mitchell, or enjoy a scenic drive to an overlook along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Whitewater Falls is the tallest waterfall in the East, in the Nantahala National Forest.There’s also plenty of excitement to be had – on record-breaking zip lines and urban bike trails. You’ll love living in North Carolina.

5. Washington

Washington State is great all year around – even when the snow starts to fall in the winter. Mt. Baker and Crystal Mountain are both great options. In the summer, there’s tons of hiking and trails, and the islands off the coast in the Pacific Northwest offer some great day trips.

Blanca Lake is pictured below.



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