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The Top 10 Brewery-Loving States

states that drink the most beer
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Breweries are popping up in every state, with new small operations and craft breweries taking on some of the largest corporations in America. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at which states have the most breweries per capita – giving us this list of the top 10 brewery loving states.

10. Idaho

Idaho is proving to be a first class beer destination, with several Boise breweries winning medals at the Great American Beer Festival last year, including Boise Brewing.

Breweries: 53

2014 Population Estimate: 1,634,464

1 Brewery for every 30,838 people (roughly)

9. Washington

Seattle is full of amazing breweries like Fremont Brewing Company and Reuben’s Brews, but outside of Seattle breweries are just as popular. Whether it be Black Raven Brewing in Redmond or Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen in Bellingham, Washington is packed with amazing beer options.

Breweries: 232

2014 Population Estimate: 7,061,530

1 Brewery for every 30,437 people (roughly)

8. Alaska

Alaska is a microbrew rich state with 25 options to choose from. HooDoo Brewing Company in Fairbanks and the Alaskan Brewing Company in Juneau are state favorites.

Breweries: 25

2014 Population Estimate: 736,732

1 Brewery for every 29,469 people (roughly)

7. New Hampshire

There’s certainly no shortage of local beer in New Hampshire, with 46 total breweries and counting. To quote NH Magazine, “No matter what section of the state you find yourself in, there’s bound to be a brewery or brewpub within driving distance”.

Breweries: 46

2014 Population Estimate: 1,326,813

1 Brewery for every 28,843 people (roughly)

6. Wyoming

Jackson, Wyoming is home to 2x Small Brewery of the Year Winner, Snake River Brewing. They’ve collected dozens of Great American Beer Fest and World Beer Cup awards, don’t miss them if you’re in Jackson.  

Breweries: 25

2014 Population Estimate: 584,153

1 Brewery for every 23,336 people (roughly)

5. Maine

Breweries are so popular in Maine the state actually has it’s own ‘Beer Trail’. Download the PDF for the beer-centric trip of a lifetime.

Breweries: 58

2014 Population Estimate: 1,330,089

1 Brewery for every 22,932 people (roughly)

4. Colorado

Craft beer in Colorado isn’t just a hobby, it’s pumping millions of dollars into the economy. The laws help support local breweries and are enticing companies to move their operations to the state.

Breweries: 280

2014 Population Estimate: 5,355,866

1 Brewery for every 19,128 people (roughly)

3. Oregon

From Ninkasi Brewing Company in Eugene to Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House and 10 Barrel Brewing Co. there are plenty of options in the state of Oregon. With over 84 breweries in the Portland metro area alone and 53% of all draft beer consumed being brewed in Oregon, the state is a big supporter of local breweries.

Breweries: 212

2014 Population Estimate: 3,970,239

1 Brewery for every 18,727 people (roughly)

2. Montana

Just last month two Billings breweries brought home national awards, as the state is being recognized for its exceptional quality.  Uberbrew was awarded with the 2015 Alpha King Challenge for its new Alpha Force Double Tap, while Montana Brewing Co. took home a bronze medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival in Boulder, Colorado.

Breweries: 58

2014 Population Estimate: 1,023,579

1 Brewery for every 17,647 people (roughly)

1. Vermont

That’s right, Vermont per capita has more breweries than any other state. There are plenty of fantastic breweries to choose from, with Fiddlehead Brewing Company, Switchback Brewing Co., and Otter Creek Brewing being some of the local favorites.

Breweries: 50

2014 Population Estimate: 626,562

1 Brewery for every 12,531 people (roughly)



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