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The Growth Rates of the 10 Most Populous US Cities

fastest growing us cities
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The 10 largest cities by population in the USA all have more than one million people residing in them, and they continue to get more populated. While all 10 of the largest cities in the USA grew in some capacity from July 1, 2013 to July 1, 2014, the rates of growth varied greatly. Here’s a look at the 10 largest cities in the USA, and how fast each city is currently adding new residents.

10. San Jose, CA

San Jose just broke into the top 10 last year, with growth coming from the success seen in Silicon Valley. The city is booming with startups and technology professionals.

Population: 1,015,785

Growth: 11,964 (1.2%)

9. Dallas, TX

People are flocking to Dallas, Texas, where job opportunities were in abundance this past year. While not all areas of the state have seen growth, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas all saw close to 2% growth this past year.

Population: 1,281,047

Growth: 20,22 (1.6%)

8. San Diego, CA

Averaging just 10 inches of rain per year, San Diego is the ultimate city for those concerned about weather. The unemployment rate hovers around just 5%, with major industries including defense, tourism, and technology playing a large role in the city’s economic growth.  

Population: 1,381,069

Growth: 21,225 (1.6%)

7. San Antonio, TX

With a median home price of $137,000 (less than a third of San Diego’s median home price), many are seeking value in San Antonio. What’s more, the city has under a 4% unemployment rate. All of this makes San Antonio the fastest growing of the top 10 cities in the USA.

Population: 1,436,697

Growth: 24,931 (1.8%)

6. Phoenix, AZ

Home to Arizona State University and plenty of tech companies, Phoenix saw reasonable growth in 2014. The military also has a significant presence in Phoenix, with Luke Air Force Base located in the western suburbs.

Population: 1,537,058

Growth: 24,616 (1.6%)

5. Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia saw steep population declines in the latter part of the 20th century, with the loss of its industrial base. Since 2006, the population has started to grow again, mostly due to births from foreign immigrants according to the US Census data.

Population: 1,560,297

Growth: 4,245 (0.3%)

4. Houston, TX

Houston is growing quickly, with 1.6% population growth in 2014. At well over two-million people, Houston is quickly approaching the size of Chicago.

Population: 2,239,558

Growth: 35,752 (1.6%)

3. Chicago, IL

Chicago saw the lowest growth rate of any of the top 10 major cities in the USA, expanding by just 82 people last year. Watch out Chicago, Houston is coming for the #3 spot!

Population: 2,722,389

Growth: 82 (0.003%)

2. Los Angeles, CA

Diminishing immigration, fewer young children, and a soaring senior citizen population are changing the landscape of Los Angeles. The city still has a steady population growth at 0.8%, but that number is much lower than most of the top 10 largest cities on this list.

Population: 3,938,864

Growth: 30,924 (0.8%)

1. New York, NY

At over eight-million people and counting, New York is simply massive in terms of population. The city is still growing by over 50,000 people per year, and the question has to be asked – how much bigger can New York City get?

Population: 8,491,079

Growth: 52,700 (0.6%)

Source: United States Census Bureau



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