The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Portland

best coffee in portland
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The people of Portland, Oregon, take their coffee seriously. That’s why you’ll find many great places to get your daily dose of caffeine in the city. Narrowing it down to so few was a difficult task, but here are ten of the best coffee shops in Portland.

10. Good Coffee – 4747 SE Division Street, Portland

Not only is the coffee good at Good Coffee, the atmosphere of the café itself is super cool. It’s bright and buzzing, spacious yet cozy, simple yet interesting. Don’t miss the chance to snap a few photos at this Instagram-worthy spot.

9. Ovation Coffee & Tea – 941 NW Overton Street, Portland

It’s bright, it’s spacious, it’s modern; Ovation is a fan favorite for so many reasons. The coffee is fantastic and different than what you’ll get anywhere else in the city, think pistachio lattés and Moroccan tea. Their breakfast biscuits and scones also deserve honorable mentions.

8. Cup & Bar – 118 NE M L King Boulevard, Portland

Cup & Bar is the home of Trailhead Coffee Roasters, but they also offer yummy food options and many chocolate delicacies on their menu. This café is on the pricier side compared to other places in Portland, but those who have visited this spot will tell you that it’s well worth it.

7. Saint Simon Coffee Co – 2005 NE Broadway Street, Portland

Saint Simon Coffee Co is a locally owned coffee shop with its own distinct vibe. The owners are two brothers, and their place may be small but it’s bursting with character. The cold brew flight let’s you try three different flavors and, spoiler alert, they’re all great.

6. Water Avenue Coffee – 1028 SE Water Avenue, Portland

Water Avenue Coffee promotes sustainability, has numerous healthy menu options, and serves great coffee. So great, in fact, that it almost always makes “Best Of” lists regarding Portland. Locals and tourists alike think this one of the best coffee shops in Portland.

5. Courier Coffee – 923 SW Oak Street, Portland

Courier Coffee is a hidden gem in Portland. You’ll have a hard time leaving this place without picking up a bag or two of their beans. The atmosphere is casual and the baked goods are to die for. Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie with their coffee?

4. Sterling Coffee Roasters – 417 NW 21st Avenue, Portland

What started out as a small stand outside of Trader Joes quickly became a big name on the Portland caffeine scene. Sterling Coffee Roasters is a small place, but they’re serving undeniably good coffee.

3. Coava – 1300 SE Grand Avenue, Portland

Coava is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the bamboo paneling, the natural light, and the open spaces that the café offers. But that’s not the only reason this is one of the best coffee shops in Portland. The coffee at Coava is top notch, and their beans are always of the highest quality.

2. Upper Left Roasters

The people of Portland will all tell you that there’s something special about Upper Left Roasters. Maybe it’s the ample amount of space, their eclectic menu options, or maybe it’s their really awesome coffee. Regardless, it’s definitely one of the best coffee shops in Portland.

1. Stumptown – 128 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland

Stumptown has expanded across America since opening up in 1999, but there’s just something special about enjoying a cup of coffee at the original café in Portland. It’s a must while in the city. Try their nitro cold brew, you won’t regret it.   


Do you think we left out any can’t-miss coffee shops? Leave a comment below about where you think the best coffee shops in Portland, Oregon are!



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