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The 6 Most Wine Loving States

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Justin Kerby
Written by Justin Kerby

While craft breweries have been growing at a steady rate in the United States, that hasn’t taken away from America’s wine consumption. In particular, the following 6 states are consuming more wine than any other states, with the Northeast accounting for a large portion of total wine consumed. See if you can guess who took the number one spot.

Fun fact: West Virginia consumes the least amount of wine per year, just 2.4 liters per capita!

6. Nevada

Consumption: 14.7 liters per capita, per year

5. New Jersey

Consumption: 14.9 liters per capita, per year

4. Massachusetts

Consumption: 16.9 liters per capita, per year

3. Vermont

Consumption: 17.5 liters per capita, per year

2. New Hampshire

Consumption: 19.6 liters per capita, per year

1. Washington, DC

Consumption: 25.7 liters per capita, per year

Source: Business Insider



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