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21 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Atlanta

things to know atlanta
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1. Prepare to Get Lost Figuring out Which Peachtree St. You’re On

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This will be tough at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

2. Light Snow = Zombie Apocalypse


If it snows, get ready to see the grocery store get raided as if the zombie apocalypse as upon us. Don’t be surprised if you see zombies walking around downtown either. The Walking Dead is filmed all around Atlanta.

3.Chick-Fil-A’s Everywhere


Chick-Fil-A was founded in the great state of Georgia. Get ready to see a lot of them, and more importantly to eat at a lot of them.

4. You Should Never Call the City “Hotlanta”


The only time it’s acceptable to say ‘Hotlanta’ is if it’s immediately followed by you rolling your eyes.

5. OTP Means on the Perimeter

OTP is commonly known as “On the Prowl.” Not in Atlanta, it simply means On the Perimeter of Atlanta city limits.

6. If You Ever Plan on Flying Home Get to the Airport a Day Before


Hartsfield–Jackson is the busiest airport in the United States. This means you’ll have to get your flight at least two hours before take off to get home.

7. A Greasy Hotdog from The Varsity is Heaven

What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have? What’ll ya have? Get ready to hear that three times quickly when you get to the biggest drive-thru restaurant in the world. One of the cool things about The Varsity is they make most of their menu items from scratch with local ingredients.

8. Don’t Drive on the Highway, Ever

In other cities, highways are used to get around quickly. In Atlanta, taking a highway is used to be late for the dinner with your inlaws you’ve been avoiding. Avoid the spaghetti junction at all costs during rush hour (where I-285 meets the I-85).

9. You’re No Longer Allowed to Drink Pepsi

After a few months in Atlanta, you’ll actually spend time convincing people back home why they should drink Coke over Pepsi. Did we mention the headquarters of Coca-Cola is in Midtown Atlanta.

10. Being an Atlanta Sports Fan is Painful


Are you a masochist? Well, you’ve moved to the right town. Every year it seems like either the Falcons, Braves or Hawks will bring home a trophy for the city. Then the seasons start and Atlanta fans are disappointed again.

11. It’s Actually Pronounced, “Atlanna”


You’ll notice pretty quickly that locals drop the second “t” when saying Atlanta.

12. You’ll Get Used to People Pronouncing, “Ponce de Leon” Incorrectly

It’s the not famous explorer you learned about in history class. Rather, it’s a popular avenue, which is usually just said as “Ponce.”

13. Don’t Go to The Underground

This underground shopping is boring. Plus, it smells funny, so stay away from here.

14. Locals Identify Themselves by Which Hospital They Were Born at

Prepared to be asked if you’re a Grady, Emory or Northside baby.

15. This is the Greatest Touchdown Dance Ever

Flashback to 1999 and Jamal Anderson. You can do this dance after any victory in your own life.

16. Piedmont Park is the Bomb

Piedmont Park is where you can do practically anything. Whether it’s going for a picnic, jogging or jumping around in the bouncy castle you see above, it’s all at Piedmont.

17. You’re Now Either a Bulldogs Fan or a Yellow Jackets Fan – Choose Wisely

There are two shows in town. You’re a fan of either Georgia or Georgia Tech. No flip-flopping allowed.

18. Shooting the Hooch Isn’t a Bad Thing

It just means heading down to the Chattahoochee river to float on a tube, kayak or paddleboard. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a weekly occurrence during the summer months.

19. You’ll Learn to Despise MARTA

After a couple months riding public transit, you’ll have the same despise for the system as an Atlanta native.

20. Everyone Will Be Wearing Winter Clothing Once the Temperature Is Less than 65 °F

See the people in the painful stock photo above? Get ready to see everyone dressed like this once the temperature drops below 65°F.

21. You’re Moving to One of the Best Cities in the Southeast


Atlanta is awesome. You’re moving to one of the best places in the southeast. Stop asking, “Should I move to Atlanta?” Get packing!



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