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17 Things Nobody Tells You Before You Move to Chicago

things to know about chicago
Written by Justin Kerby

Besides the beautiful skyline, here are few more things that you can expect when you move to ChiTown.

1. Deep Dish Will Become a Staple in Your Diet

Renowned for having some of the best pizza outside of Italy, Chicago-style deep dish is worth the trip alone. Couples be warned, choosing which restaurant to dine at may strain a relationship.

2. You Get Nostalgic When Talking About MJ, Even If You Aren’t Old Enough to Remember Him Play

Possibly the most recognizable athlete of all time, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA Championships, racked up 6 Playoff MVPs as well as earning 5 league MVP honors along the way. He’s been out of the game for more than a decade and kids still play for the right to bear MJ’s name, at least for one more game of pick up.

3. Cloud Gate Is Tourist for the Bean

Chicago Bean

The sculpture at the center of AT&T Plaza in Millennium Park was created by Anish Kapoor and is intended to distort the viewers image rather than produce one itself. The giant piece of art is affectionately known as the Bean for obvious reason.

4. It Snows Sometimes


If you like snow days then come on over. Chicago experiences a phenomenon known as the lake effect that results in above average snow falls. The Lake Michigan metropolis boasts an all time high of 89 inches for a single season.

5. Look Both Ways… Twice When Crossing the Street Even with a Walk Signal

Having a population of over 2.7 million people makes the mix of vehicle and pedestrians inevitable so be careful when out in the hustle and bustle of the city.

6. You Find “Family Matters” Or “Shameless” Relatable

Family Matters


There are a number of sitcoms and television dramas based in Chicago. When you are venturing about the city you may just stumble onto a set.

7. The Seats on The “L” Aren’t as Clean as They Look

As the 4th largest rapid transit system in the USA, the “L” navigates more than 100 miles of routes that connect the downtown core with the sprawling suburbs.

8. The Cab Driver Probably Can’t Handle You Paying with Credit

With an entire subreddit dedicated to the topic, there must be something to this. I guess the cab drivers hate the services charges as much as we do.

9. St. Patrick’s Day Is Next Level

The “ohhs” and “ahhs” mirror a Disney firework show when that boat pulls from the side of the Chicago river to give the town a make over for one of the most celebrated days of the year.

10. The Public Transit Schedule Is a Hoax

Although it can be frustrating waiting for the bus to arrive, we do need to consider that Chicago is plagued by this thing called winter as well as being the 3rd busiest public transit system in the nation.

11. Don’t Even Think About Putting Ketchup on Your Hotdog

Chicagoans will be quick to hand you a lesson in hotdog etiquette if you so much as think about putting ketchup on your sausage. So change your ways if you are “Afflicted”, as Bob Schwartz, a VP of Vienna Beef, the leading Chicago wiener supplier put it.

12. Da’ Bears

Made famous by the SNL skit of “Bill Swerski’s Superfans,” the saying “DAAAA BEARS” only adds to the storied history of the great Chicago Bears franchise. Thanks Bob.

13. You Won’t Notice That You’ve Developed an Accent


Like the south has a drawl and the backwoods has a twang, Chicago has its own way of letting words roll off the tongue. The distinct accent will grow on you if you stay for any period of time.

14. You DO NOT Touch Seat 114, Row 8, Aisle 4 at Wrigley Field

I don’t want to talk about it.

15.Your Parking Spot Is the Most Valuable Thing You Have

16. Everyone Has Taken a Trip on LSD (Lake Shore Drive)

No, not the hallucinogenic drug but rather the scenic downtown route that is squeezed between the shore front of Lake Michigan and the iconic skyline.

17. It’s Called the Windy City for a Reason

There are many theories on how the city got the nickname. Some speculate it stems from a rivalry with Cincinnati while others attribute it to a hold over from one of the world fairs. Nonetheless, Chicago does experience seriously strong winds off the lake.



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