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14 Things You’ll Miss When You Leave Maryland

what you miss when you leave maryland
Written by Justin Kerby

1. Seafood, Especially Blue Crab

No one does crab better than Marylanders. Oh, and have fun explaining what a blue crab is.

2. Chesapeake Bay Beaches

Chesapeake Bay Beaches are the crown jewel of Eastcoast beaches. Not being within an hour’s drive of this paradise will be a real struggle.

3. Old Bay Seasoning


Despite it being available in stores across the country, good luck finding Old Bay Seasoning in a restaurant outside of Maryland. And forget about asking for some on the rim of your glass when you go for a drink.

4. Natty Boh (National Bohemian Beer)

There are always mixed feeling towards Natty Boh, but despite your opinion on taste you’ll miss the flood of memories that come with cracking an ice cold beer on your front porch.

5. The Orioles


At least you’ll look unique in all of your orange-colored gear.

6. The State Flag

We have the coolest state flag by far.

7.  Cheering With Ravens Fans


Even if you aren’t a huge football fan your home state pride will shine through when people start hating on the Ravens – which you’ll find happens quite a bit.

8. Oyster Shucking


Seafood is a staple in a Marylanders’ diet, oyster shucking might as well be a school credit.

9. The Breathtaking Landscape

We’re proud to be known as “mini America” – we literally have every landscape possible.

10. Lacrosse

We do lacrosse and we do it better than everyone else.

11. UTZ Crab Chips


Potato chips + Old Bay Seasoning = heaven in a bag.

12. The Climate


We get to experience four distinct seasons so we can alternate between complaining about the heat and then the cold.

13. Driving Through Potomac


Potomac is ranked as the most affluent town in America by CNN Money, cruising down streets of mansions will definitely inspire you.

14. Getting Snowballs on a Hot Day

Shaved ice topped with marshmallow cream and any kind of syrup you could imagine. Head to Icy Delights (as seen above) for tons of snowball options!



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