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14 Things You’ll Miss When You Leave Colorado

things you miss when you leave colorado
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There’s really no other place in the world like Colorado. The state boasts snowy mountains, desert lands, and river canyons. Locals have their own traditions, beloved landmarks, favorite sports, amazing foods and even a preferred pale ale. Here are 14 things you’ll miss when you leave Colorado.

14. February BBQs

In Colorado cooking outdoors is a way of life, even in the cooler months. There’s never a wrong time to make grilled burgers. You definitely won’t see this in many other places in America. You can always break out your BBQ and hope that your neighbors won’t make fun of you for it.

13. Longs Peak

Sure, you can hike anywhere in the world, but it’ll never be the same as the days you spent exploring the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder County, Longs Peak. There’s nothing quite like hanging out in the Rocky Mountains, ask anyone who’s from Colorado.

12. The Casual Dress Code

Colorado is one of the only places where you can get away with wearing whatever you like to wherever you’re going. That’s because the people of Colorado are low-key and non-judgmental. There’s a  simple joy in wearing your gym clothes out to dinner.

11. Pre-Game Grocery Store Runs

You’ll definitely miss running to the store before the big game to stock up on snacks and beer. Yes, you can do that anywhere you live, but there’s a sense of community in Colorado when everyone is at the grocery store at the same time for the same things, preparing to cheer on the Broncos.

10. Sweet Action Ice Cream

Food & Wine magazine dubbed Sweet Action Ice Cream “One of the best ice cream spots in the U.S.” and you’ll constantly daydream about this place when you’re gone. You’d be hard pressed to find flavors like vegan carrot cake, whiskey, almond cardamom, or Dr. Pepper anywhere else.

9. Garden of the Gods

The sandstorm formations found at the Garden of the Gods are views you’ll only find in Colorado. Once you leave, you’ll talk about these giant red rocks to anyone that hasn’t visited the national natural landmark and everyone will be jealous you’ve seen them in person.

8. Wildlife


It takes some time to get accustomed to not seeing animals everywhere you look once you’ve left Colorado. You won’t walk out your front door and come face to face with a gentle mannered creature in many other places, but in Colorado it’s quite common.

7. Snooze

Snooze is a breakfast and lunch place that locals have grown to love and frequent so often you’d think it’s the only place to eat in the whole state. Not only will you miss the food, like sweet potato pancakes and pretzel breakfast sandwiches, you’ll also miss the atmosphere that Snooze offers its customers.

6. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The Strawberry Park Hot Springs are something you will come back to visit even after you leave Colorado, because you’ll miss it so much. You just can’t stay away from the hot mineral water, the massages, the private pool, and the after-dark clothing optional rule.

5. Railroads

Taking in the sights that Colorado has to offer is done best while riding the train around the ten scenic railroads that the state offers. It’s safe to say that no other train ride will ever be the same once you leave.

4. Rocky Mountain Water


You never knew you were a water snob until you’ve moved somewhere other than Colorado. It’s not your fault, you’re used to drinking premium H2O from the Rocky Mountains. Make sure to stock up on Rocky Mountain bottled water from The Better Water Company the next time you’re in-state.

3. Santa Fe Drive

Locals have a fondness for Santa Fe Drive in Denver, where you can find Colorado’s Art District. It’s unlike any other cultural scene in the country. Why? You can visit over sixty galleries, restaurants and shops in the small district. Not to mention the great Mexican food you’ll find there.

2. Skiing


The snow-covered mountains in Colorado are perfect for skiing, and locals don’t miss out on the opportunity to ski at any of the state’s numerous resorts. The sport will never be the same for you anywhere else, but if you were taught to ski in Colorado, you’ll be able to show your skills off wherever you go.

1. Dale’s Pale Ale

You have high standards for beer if you’re from Colorado, thanks to Dale’s Pale Ale (and hundreds of other great breweries). Brewed by Oskar Blues Grill & Brew in Colorado, Dale’s Pale Ale is a must-drink. Don’t take our word for it; the brewing company has over ninety-one thousand followers on Twitter, so you know their stuff is good.



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