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10 Reasons to Make the Move to Washington State

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Justin Kerby
Written by Justin Kerby

Washington is one of the most beautiful states in the nation, and it’s easy to see why so many people are flocking to the Pacific Northwest. While the rain falls consistently, that doesn’t stop locals from getting out and exploring this beautiful state. Here are a few reasons to make the move to Washington.

10. You can get your hike on

There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air, putting your boots on and hiking a winding trail or up some switch-backs. No matter where you are in Washington, you’re not too far away from a good hike.

9. Daffodils just make everything better

Daffodils are blooming! Time to head to Skagit Valley. Photo by @derekposey. #LiveWashington #PNW #Flowers

A photo posted by Washington State (@livewashington) on

The Skagit Valley is full of them.

8. You can horse around

Horsing around on the Heart of the Hills Trail. Photo by @loki_toki . #LiveWashington to be featured. #Horse #Washington #PNW

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Check out the Heart of the Hills Trail for an unforgettable experience.

7. You can let your inner child flourish

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a tree-house?

6. And while you’re in your tree house, you can check out the stars

Taking in the Milky Way at Mt. Rainier. Photo by @paul_weeks. #LiveWashington to be featured. #PNW #MtRainier #MilkyWay

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Less pollution equals more stars, and they sure are pretty.

5. We’ve got the best water in the world

Tap water? That’ll do just fine.

4. Everywhere you look, mountains

They’ll become a symbol of home for you.

3. They’ll also become your local gym

Whether you’re skiing crosscountry, downhill, or boarding, there are plenty of mountains to choose from.

2. The camping is arguably the best in America

Felt like the seasons were changing this weekend. Photo by @krizzleryan #LiveWashington to be featured

A photo posted by Washington State (@livewashington) on

Watch the seasons change and discover the best of our state.

1. It’s the best place in the world if you love the outdoors

Field full of happiness | Deer Park, photo by @alexanderhoskins | #LiveWashington to be featured | #Sunflowers

A photo posted by Washington State (@livewashington) on

Just try moving to Washington and disagreeing with me.

Source: Photos from Live Washington



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