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10 Reasons to Hurry Up and Move to San Francisco

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Justin Kerby
Written by Justin Kerby

San Francisco is one of the coolest cities in the world. We’ve got amazing food, amazing scenery, and most importantly: amazing people. If you’ve been sitting on the fence when it comes to moving to San Francisco hopefully this article will finally sway you in favor of making the move. Here are 10 reasons to hurry up and make the move to San Francisco.

10. We’re dog-friendly

Actually, we’re the 3rd most dog-friendly city in the USA – so bring Fido along.

9. We play ball

#ATTPark was rockin' tonight. #SFGiants

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Really, really well. You’re going to love cheering for the Giants.

8. You’ll love the history

Missing the sights and sounds of #SanFrancisco 🏦🏤🏩 #PaintedLadies #TheyCallItSFNotSanFran #TBT

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The Painted Ladies look fantastic.

7. All the cool kids live here

don’t forget your shades today, it’s a sunny one 😎 #squaaad

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Some would say it’s a full house of cool kids.

6. There are some pretty cool hideaways

Feelin it tonight 👌

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Like the Sutro Baths, once the world’s largest indoor swimming pool.

5. You’ll gain perspective

On life. You’ll also learn about perspective when it comes to taking a great photo, the city is full of photogenic subjects.

4. San Francisco is a health conscious city

You’ll shed those extra few pounds in no time eating delicious foods like smoothie bowls.

3. The city is full of adventure

Never forget where you came from | San Francisco, Ca. | adventures with the homie @jsj83

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Get out and explore. There are tons of cool spots waiting to be discovered.

2. The architecture is amazing

You’ll feel inspired looking at places like this every day.

1. It’s the greatest city on earth

You’re going to love living here.



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