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10 Best Cities for Young Couples

best city for young couples
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So you’ve found someone to love, now you just have to find somewhere to live. Choosing the next place you’ll call home is a difficult task, especially when two people are involved in that decision. One thing is for sure; young couples tend to gravitate towards the city life because it gives them more options in their professional and personal lives. Before you put down roots, read this list of the ten best cities for young couples.

Best Cities for Young Couples

10. Portland, Oregon

Via Wikipedia

Via Wikipedia

Portland will meet both you and your significant other’s needs because it offers residents the opportunity to work and also to get in touch with their creative side. Portland is also one of the best cities for young professionals as well, as there are plenty of job prospects, and there is plenty for you both to do after work as well.

9. Denver, Colorado

Shutterstock / EdgeOfReason

Shutterstock / EdgeOfReason

Many young couples are migrating to the greener pastures of Denver. Thanks to the amount of small businesses, the music and art scenes, Red Rocks, craft beer, and sunshine. The suburbs are also close enough to the city that you can enjoy the excitement without paying for it. Denver is one of the best cities for young couples.

8. Houston, Texas

Shutterstock / Jorg Hackemann

Shutterstock / Jorg Hackemann

Houston is somewhere young couples are able to grow, because it appeals to such a wide demographic. You can enjoy the nightlife that the city has to offer and it’s a great place to raise a family. Not to mention, Houston boasts a lower cost of living than most American cities. It also has a ton of job opportunities, making Houston one of the best cities for young professionals.

7. Seattle, Washington

Shutterstock / Trong Nguyen

Shutterstock / Trong Nguyen

If you like coffee and sporting events, you’ll like Seattle. There’s no shortage of things to do or see, especially if you’re both passionate about the outdoors. Seattle is the right fit for an adventurous couple. Just make sure to pack an umbrella before the big move.

6. San Francisco, California

Aside from the fact that San Francisco is beautiful all-year-round, it’s also a great place for young couples. You’ll never find yourself without anything to do because there is always something going on. The cost of living is not as low as other American cities, but date nights can be as cheap as watching the sunset or the street performers.

5. Washington, D.C.

washington dc

Orhan Cam / Shutterstock

If Washington is good enough for the president, it’s good enough for you. Your house may not be as white, but it will be nice, thanks to the strong housing market. And because of the diverse job market, Washington D.C. is one of the best cities for young professionals. With one of the country’s highest percentage of educated young professionals, you and your smarty-pants partner will fit right in.

4. Chicago, Illinois

Shutterstock / Henryk Sadura

Shutterstock / Henryk Sadura

Chicago’s deep-dish pizza should be reason alone to move there. Because a lot of residents are college students, Chicago is bustling with young adults. And they can afford it, thanks to the extremely low cost of living. You’ll both become die-hard Bears fans in no time.

3. Boston, Massachusetts


Maglara / Shutterstock

Boston is a city that’s very easy to like, especially if you’re a young adult. From dog parks to cool bars and restaurants, baseball to Quincy Market, there are so many places for you and your loved one to explore. The locals might influence you enough that you may even start running.

2. Raleigh, North Carolina

raleigh nc

Shawn Pavone / Shutterstock

Raleigh’s low cost of living isn’t its only selling point. Raleigh has a high employment rate, and there are many career opportunities, making it one of the best cities for young professionals. It’s the perfect place to raise a family.  Constantly evolving, it’s a city that grows with you. Raleigh is a city with the same charm as a countryside town.

1. San Diego, California

san diego

Shutterstock / Dancestrokes

Even if you and your significant other disagree on most things, you’ll agree that living in San Diego is a good idea. Not only is it very romantic, think watching the sunset every night from the beach, it’s also a fun city to live in. You and your other half will always have a good time if you decide to call San Diego home.




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